Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Twenty three


Guess who turned 23 last 30th of June? Who else but me! I thank Allah for the wonderful blessings and love He unconditionally showered upon me for 23 years. I pray that I become stronger in faith, that I prove worthy of His love and entry in Jannah; I pray good health for myself and for my loved ones; I pray for love that will last 'til Jannah in shaa Allah. I feel like I am asking for too much here but in all honesty, I will be grateful for whatever He gives. :)

What I did that day? It was a Sunday and we have that day to get groceries. I bought ice cream for everyone. Dinner was scrumptous as always. It was like any other day because I have learned not to celebrate it the way I used to. Not that I celebrated it with a large crowd and singing and booze, astaghfirullah, that's haram. We used to have cake and tons of food. This time though, it didn't matter if there's something special in store for me. I would admit though that it felt nice that my friends remembered I was turning a year older (wiser, too, perhaps?).