Thursday, October 2, 2014

Random chatter

I was set for the day. Confident I wouldn't be doing office work because I was scheduled to work in another unit. But there were only 2 patients in that ward so I was called back to help with office work. I totally underestimated quality control people. I have only done it for 2 days and here I am, all stressed out. Imagine having it as a full-time job.. @@ Well, honestly, I am not planning to be a bedside nurse forever. I am considering shifting to a career still medically inclined but not as bedside anymore. I was actually thinking of shifting to quality work or maybe clinical instructor.. but, the 2 days I just had, left me mentally drained. I guess it was an untimely exposure to the workload since it's the end of 3rd quarter and reports/survey are being finalized.

Still, today was an odd day.

I saw different sides of our director, nurse managers and the supervisors.

What was really odd?

I had lunch with the big bosses.

Glad I didn't choke.