Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life Update

Last update was from my 24-year old adult self, now blogging is my quarter-life-milestone version. I remember when I was around 11-12, I thought 25 was OLD. But as I age, I truly can say, that age is just a number, just a technicality (or maybe I that's how I cope? ha!). 

1. I turned 25 last 30th of June, a few days after our second Umrah since arriving in Saudi Arabia (by "our," I meant me and my cousin, Weng)

This was taken during the second part of our Umrah, I didn't take that much photos as I was having leg pain and there was just too many people, mashaAllah, and I don't want to distract them and myself as well.

Weng and I had no idea that they have huge serving size so we ended up taking most of it home for suhoor.

2. I am still single. I wanted to put it out there. Single at 25. wow. That is fascinating. I like being by myself (plus, I don't think my folks are ready) for now. Haha. But my friend, Z and I have been talking about how we want our "forever" to be like. Trust me, you don't wanna know (the list of musts is VERY long).

3. I love lettering! I have fancied writing/lettering for such a long time but I just started to actually work on it. I love it.

Obviously, I need MORE practice.

4. I fancy someone! I know I just said I am single but nothing wrong with a good-ol' crush  He's very smart and very suplado! My EMU family definitely knows who he is (hi Dingdong Dantes, you're still my MAIN crush). *wink wink*

5. Binge watching VLOGs! I love Zoe, Marcus, Jim, Tanya and the list goes on and on but British YouTubers mainly. Why am I not born a brit or just have the accent? Lels

6. I don't sleep anymore. Born panda, secretly (not a secret anymore) an owl.

7. Thoughts on hair dye? Anyone? I want to dye my hair. Grey? Purple? Blue?

8. We are transferring accomodation! The towers (that's what they call our housing units) being constructed within the location of the hospital is nearly done and I can't wait! Being near the hospital gives us a little more time for lazying around in bed, and is just so convenient when we have urgent stuff to do in the hospital (education/passport or travel issues/mini-grocery/gym/cute doctors, kidding :p)

9. I wanna travel. Who doesn't?

10. Still. Not. Losing. Weight. Help. This is truly getting old. The maximum time I get motivated is like 2 weeks and then I just go right back where I started. #fatgirlproblems

Maybe I should do a monthly 10-point life update?

P.S. I know my photos are sized differently. Sorry if it bothers you. Know that it bothers me bigtime as well.. I'll work on it soon though.

Til next update!
Sheidz x

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Eid fitr mubarak!

.. a day late where I am currently living (and most countries) but just in time for the rest of the countries celebrating it today! Eid saeed, my brothers and sisters from all over the world!

Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum (May Allaah accept it from you and us).

May our duaas, prayers and fasting be accpeted by Allah SWT. May we carry on with the good habits we have developed within the beautiful month of Ramadhan and continue on for the coming months until next Ramadhan in shaa Allah. May Allah SWT make and keep us steadfast in our prayers, may we all become the best version of our selves for His sake and may we all be united with our families and friends with Him in Jannah.


(Photo not mine, credit to the owner)