Friday, May 15, 2015

Freaky Friday

I legit don't have the most exciting of days that is worthy of a "a-day-in-Sheidy's-life" post/vlog/chatter but when I do, THIS happens. 

OH MY G like yesterday was WOOOOOAAAAAHHHHH

1. Earliest to catch the bus ride home
3. Naps anywhere
4. Zombie sleep
5. Airport friend finds yet another inconvenience
6. #hunna
7. Jollibee whatnots
8. #rxforlove
9. #TeamSoCal
10. Sorry for the distraction #boxesdropped

Anyway things are just too personal to share in detail so let's just keep it as is.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Friendly reminder

How many of you can say you were a robot once upon a time? I know I can! That is me inside the robot suit and with me is one of the insanely creative people who made this impressive (by the reaction of the people who came to have photo opp with the robot) suit, Ate Iris.

I tell you, guys, if we charged everyone who wanted photos with the robot, we will probably end up with a month's salary. But we didn't because it doesn't feel right. The team wanted people to be engaged once they see the robot hence getting into our booth, and indeed, we met that goal.

Thanks to the team for trusting my "robot" skills, to Ma'am Mayon for being my sub, to Ate Iris, Ate Joyce, Ate Camille, Ate Richelle--aka the robot's glam squad, and everyone else who had fun during the Global Hand Hygiene Day!

Remember, guys, safety starts with washing your hands!