Saturday, May 11, 2013


Writing a blogpost to release tension. *winks* I've been reading about Whipple's procedure for almost an entire day now. There's still more to read. This happens when I overthink and all the if's comes rushing to my head. I have handled a patient post-whipple surgery and I remember everything I did was routine nursing care. But tomorrow will be different because I will be receiving him a couple hours post-surgery. Plus, it will be my first time to be a private nurse. SO YES I AM SCARED!

May Allah azza wa jal relieve me of the nervousness I feel, give me wisdom at all times and grant me presence of mind as I take care of my patient tomorrow. 

 Assalamualaikum! :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Hills


I am feeling pretty sad today. I ranted about it earlier on Twitter.. I really wished I came home earlier. *sadface* But.. on a lighter, totally unrelated note, I am pretty excited about us (my sister, cousin and I) temporarily staying in Manila. Why, you ask? When I was around 15 (I'm not sure about this, I am bad at remembering personal timeline), I was obsessed with the idea of living alone, meaning no adults around. I even wanted to stay in a dormitory close to my uni even though I was already staying with my grandmom. Then I never missed an episode of, wait for it...
 "The Hills." Yep, I wanted to be Lauren Conrad working as an intern in a certain fashion magazine. There. I said it. 

So, we're leaving soon and we are getting all our documents ready. The reason we're moving is because we are on a job hunt. We're nurses and, unfortunately, Philippines doesn't have that much of an opportunity for us. I have a year worth of bedside experience in a special area in a tertiary hospital and I thought I'd get a chance of maybe getting a job here. Wrong. If I want a job, I have to be a volunteer again, get evaluated and go thru all these seemingly unfair process. That's why, we're gonna try our luck and apply abroad. In shaa Allah.

Dua's please? :))