Saturday, April 20, 2013

TV talk


Okay. Another off set. My aunt, my Inah's sister, was hospitalized for two days. And I stayed with her  the entire time from admission until discharge, only going home to take a bath. It was the most uncomfortable 2 days ever. But I am glad to be of service to my very loving, humble and selfless Aunt. All is well now, alhamdulillah. She is now recovering from bronchial asthma and hypertension. May Allah make it easy for her during her recovery and keep her healthy. May Allah keep all of us away from harm. Ameen. :)

As for the title, well, these days they (my relatives) have been talking a lot about the TV we have downstairs that now serves just as a piece of decoration. It's broken and someone tried to fix it but didn't really manage to do the job. So we're getting a new TV, soon! I am excited 'cos I think out of everyone here, I probably watch a whole lot of TV. Yikes.

Anyway, just a quick hello to bloggie.

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another randomness coming up


I already had my Tawi-Tawi post drafted and thought I'd publish it a couple days ago but things took a different turn, so I am delaying sharing it for now. My Mmah (Dad) was in so much pain last Monday that he got rushed to the ER and was confined for 2 days. He was diagnosed with nephrolithiasis and prior knowing this, I was crying on my way to the hospital. But he is feeling well. All praises to the Allah, the Almighty Healer. Alfatihah. 

Earlier, I was bursting with things I wanted to share. Thoughts after thoughts kept coming and I'm was like "I gotta blog this." Then, now that I am face with an empty sheet, I cannot seem to come up with words. Writer's block? As if.

So. I am going to try and right what I was thinking earlier. Just to get to find out how much I have on my plate.
  • Mmah's hospitalization woke me up. I cannot continue being a bum anymore. I need to get a job and since I don't think I'd be getting any in this city, I've decided to go to Manila next month. I'd go to every agency if that's what it takes and in shaa Allah, be hired. MUST GET A JOB.
  • I am actually sad that I didn't get my job back. A couple of my previous workmates in Surgical ICU told me the hospital's adding 2 nurses in the unit and well, I assumed I'd be one of the two. But I was actually fearing the responsibility that will come with the job. I wasn't feeling ready to handle the unit by myself. So, I think the rejection, as hurtful as it feels, was more of a gift to me. I am not ready to handle a most-of-the-time busy unit. Scared and not ready. But, to be honest, I do miss being a Surgical ICU nurse. :'|
  • The two things I have listed above are the things you can rummage in my head. I'd like to think that maybe these are signs telling me to seek a job overseas. Before, I didn't want to leave. I wanted to just stay here and get a job here but it's impossible. I don't know anyone who could help me land a job as nurse. And maybe, just maybe, it's Allah's way of making me realize I am better than just sitting around and waiting in this city. That in shaa Allah I have a better future outside the country. 
  • I have a chaotic mind. I have things i'd rather not share in this very public blog. May Allah help me through a trying personal matter I have been dealing for quite a while now. May I come out this as a better Muslimah, a much willing slave of Allah. Ameen.
My plate is full, I guess. I have been thinking and worrying a lot these days. Maybe it's the caffeine? Just kidding. And thru all this thinking I saw this and I am reminded.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Going random and yes I am back from the island


I am back from my summer vacay! The graduation went well. My brother did an awesome job delivering the welcome address. The visit to one of the beautiful islands in Tawi-Tawi was amazing, mashaAllah! A much needed vacay it became, indeed. The thing I fear to happen the most, didn't happen. Ya Allah, You are the best!

The trip back home, though, was an entirely different story. @@ The little ferry we (Mom, younger sister and brother, and I) took stopped four times in the middle of the sea, it kept pushing and pushing to continue with the travel to Bongao, Tawi-Tawi even though the engine keeps failing until all the passengers demanded another ferry. After the transfer, I felt nauseous. It was the longest ferry ride ever. When we got to Bongao, we're dead tired. x__x Good thing the flight back home to Zamboanga City went smoothly. And now, I am back to the cityyyy! Living in the island surely makes me thankful for all the little things the city can provide--"freely" flowing water from the faucet, electricity, cold water from the fridge, internet.. Yeeah.

I arrived yesterday and after the ferry issue, I just took the day off and went lazy. But today, I finally got some things done that I kept postponing. I am crossing out two 3 things from that list 'cos it was a productive day. Alhamdulillah. Good vibes everywhere and in shaa Allah!

I am all perked up about recent employement talks.. nothing's sure yet but I am praying I get a job soon. Make dua'a for me please? :)

Till next update!