Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A life lost is one future gone

I regram-ed this early today. My heart is shattered in pieces. I think about their young, innocent faces going through shock and fear while it happened. I think about their weeping families and friends who now mourn for lives lost, hugs and kisses that will never come, laughter and smiles that will never be the same. I think about how the world has gone heartless and faith-less. I think about my family--my sister, my brother, my little cousins who love school and treat it as their second home. I think about all the countless lives taken away. I think about all the wrong in the world, but will remain full in faith and hope that goodness will always prevail.

May Jannatul Firdaus be granted to the lives taken on the #peshawarattack in Pakistan. 
My thoughts and my prayers are with all the families and loved ones left behind. Be strong. Keep the faith. Allah SWT is with us, is the Almighty, is the Most Knowing, is the Best of Planners.