Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hi, Al

There's a friend I really miss
He smiled that favorite smile just a few nights ago in my dreams
The conversation that went on, I cannot recall
But that grin I pray means he is well
That he sees how adorable his little boy and beautiful wife is
That everyone he loves here misses him and prays for him
That life has been different since he left..

But we smile, we laugh, we live, we try
Not because we no longer care

The truth is
we know soon it's the destination
where we know we'll unite.


Here's a little something I wrote for you, Al. I hope you get to read this. I miss you, we miss you everyday. You had me waiting 14 months but thanks for visiting me in my dreams, it meant the whole world to me.

P.S. Your little boy has cheeks that can carry a ship. Still missing you, but the "happy" miss.

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